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Donald Campbell On YouTube

Amarok has sent medetails of this video he has made and placed on YouTube. It uses footage from "Across The Lake" and the Donald Campbell tribute "Out of This World" by Marillion- Enjoy!


As featured on BBC Television:
The World Water Speed RecordA film by John Lomax

The only original full colour documentary film of Donald Campbell’s final World Water Speed Record attempt.

“Campbell at Coniston”

Running time approximately 23 minutes.

Includes the silent tribute one year later: “The Epilogue”.

All digitally enhanced with menus and chapters.

Copyright John Lomax Film Archive 1966-1967, 2004.

Additional still photographs Copyright Keith G. Medley 1966.

Order from

Bluebirds Final Run

A downloadable film from the Sigmapress website

Donald Campbell News Footage Video

This video contains nearly 3 Hours of newsreel footage.The footage covers Malcolm and Donalds entire record breaking career from 1925-1967. It has almost 80 news items. It even has excerpts that never made it to the original newsreels. This video contains the raw footage only, no commentry or editing, just pure newsreel items as they would have been.

It is available for £25.00, to obtain this footage please contact Colin at

Colin also has a similar type video on John Cobb

Across the Lake Film

Unfortunately not available on video, and unlikely to be seen on Television in the near future. Believed to be in the ownership of the British Film Institute. They do not allow enthusiast copies to be sold, hopefully they will release it themselves and realise a tidy profit!!
Picture below from the producers flyer.

Donald Campbell
Speed 320mph
Length 11.2mtrs
Width 2.02mtrs
Weight 150 kilos