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If you are a model maker please send in your pictures of models (in progress or completed). You may also want to join...

The Bluebird Modelmakers Internet Group

A Bluebird Modellers group has now been set up on Yahoo, if you would like to join please click on the link below.

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Phil Edwards Record Models

Phil Edwards Record models have the following superb models available for purchase:-

1/72 K7 £75.00 1/43 CN7 £95.00

These superb models are available from Phil Edwards details 1/43 CN7s are £95.00 each. 1/72 K7s are £75.00 each.
All prices include p@p within Europe Phil can be contacted at
Also avaialble is this Quicksilver model at £125.00. (£35 goes to Q/S.) and due soon is a CN8.

James Hilton

has sent me this picture of his K7. It is a 1:12 scale model of Bluebird constructed by Premier Ship Models adapted for remote control. The boat is powered by an electric brushless motor and should reach a top speed of 30-35mph. This is a Touchwood Model. .

Rich Marsh

has sent in these great shots of his model K7 Jag in a scene recreation, you'd never believe that it is really a big puddle!.

He has also sent in pictures of his model K4 which was built by Ernie Lazenby

Christopher Talbot has this lovely model. It was made for him by Adrian Gosling who is in the process of building some K3 and K4 models (Looking forward to seeing pictures of these!). He can be contacted at
Chris advises her Vital Statistics are:
1) Scale is 1:6th (just over 4 ft long, approx 2 foot wide at the sponsons)
2) Power is provided by a Zenoah 23 cc, water-cooled engine developing approx 4 hp.
3) The engine turns an Octura 2 blade prop.
4) She has a water-cooled exhaust and engine manifold.
5) Construction is fibreglass, produced from a 'plug'
6) Rivet detail has been reproduced using scale pins, tapped into the hull, although I have not counted them!
7) She weighs approx 24 pounds all up.
8) Even has a 1:6th 'Donald', although I am currently looking for a suitably scaled Whoppit!
9) She is based on the final '66/'67 version.
10) Construction time was three months, including the original plug.

Simon Dallas Chapman sent these pictures of his 1/12 Scale R/C K7

He writes "It was made from a Touchwood Models kit with custom hardware by Ernie Lazenby. The kit requires a lot of finishing and considerable modelling experience to produce, but you end up with a model capable of 25-30 MPH (In a straight line of course!) and it looks very realistic on the water. The build time was 10 weeks flat out. The model uses an Orion 12 turn 540 'Hot' Motor, 8.4v 7 cell Ni-Cads and a Schulze 45bo intelligent speed controller. By the way, if anyone is building one and wants some advice, I would be happy to help". He can be emailed at Simon can now supply customers with ready built K7 models from 1/24 scale static to 1/6 scale Gas Turbine powered. For more details go to

This fantastic huge model of K7 was built by Stephen Salisbury. The model is about 1/9 th scale and constructed from scratch using plywood frame and skin then finished off with P38 filler The paint was mixed by a local decorating firm.

Stephen Salisbury can be contacted via his brother Allan Salisbury at

Gary Oxley has sent in these picture of his models, he writes "here is a photo of Bluebird 1964, alongside Donald's XK150S FHC DC 7. Both have been sprayed in Riviera Blue, which was matched to Bluebird in the museum. Some say the Bluebird colour was so close to Jaguar COTSWOLD BLUE, that he never re-sprayed his E-type FHC or the XK, he just ordered this colour from the factory. This is only a rumour like a lot of the sketchy history surrounding DC."

Check out Garys website for more models!

Micromodel card kit

It was said that Micromodels released this card kit in the 60's, it was then re-released in the late 80's. However it now appears that it was never released on the 60's (Well one copy was made!). There are though two reproductions one is made up of one sheet the other of six cards. However this is only the best information I have so far! Only one of the versions has the address of the company that reprinted it (Autocraft) printed on the card, very small, but there none-the-less, including a 1980s phone-number!The other as far as i can make out has a Garage name on it!

This reproduction is now available!

Goto Cost is £8.50 + £1.00 p&p (£1.50 p&p for europe £1.80 elswhere)

Merit model kit

This model was available for a short time! (I wonder if the tooling still exists somewhere!) Donald Dieterman of the Netherlands sent the instructions below, via Paul Hooft. These kits are very rare and have been reaching a high price on ebay. Click on the small pictures of the plans to open a new window for the full size ones.

Merit Model Kit of K7 Merit Catalogue picture
Front of the box
Merit Model instructions Merit Model instructions

Jetex Kit

A BP Promotional kit with Jetex powered K7 and CN7 was produced. Mark Forster sent in this picture and writes "The set was produced in early 60 as the instructions refer to the attempt at Boneville "Later this year". These kits were on general sale.

DG models CN7

Paul Hooft sent this picture of a model kit for CN7. Another rare kit, is the tooling for this kit still in existence? Looking at it I don't imagine it needed much by the way of instructions!

K7 Model plans

These plans were available from Nexus Media Ltd and wereRoughly 4ft x 3ft!

However I have now been made aware that they are no longer available. I would suggest using Freds Rainbow cloured book instead!

Nexus Plans for K7

Kelloggs Free Toy!

Free promotional toy given out in the US with packets of Kellogs Cornflakes. Any pictures of the box would be most welcome! The base is inscribed in tiny letters, "Bluebird 216.2 MPH, pilot-Donald Campbell, Lake Mead, Nevada, Nov. 16, 1955.

Marx CN7 Toy

Model CN7 produced by MARX,The model is unused and as new when it was 7/6d.(pencilled on box) box is marked official proteus campbell bluebird"the world flyer" with powerful friction drive motor empire made. Although the box shows crossed union jack/stars and stripes..... The model has union jack/Australian flag! It is really a nice attempt at Bluebird having panel lines /rivets and painted face driver...the air-brake panels are also moulded... Made in Hong Kong!!

Donald Campbell
Speed 320mph
Length 11.2mtrs
Width 2.02mtrs
Weight 150 kilos