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Paul Evans

Paul Evans was seconded from the 24th Signal regiment at Catterick Garrison where he was an instructor on Aerial theory and general communications. He spent from the end of November 1966 thru to the 6th of January 1967 with Donald, remaining after the 4th of January, to pack up the communications equipment, and assist in searching the Water for Donalds Body. On the recording of Donalds last run, Paul was "base" and received the message "complete accident i'm afraid" His son sent in the great picture here of Paul in the cockpit of K7. Paul was at Coniston for the recovery, along with Tony Robinson.

Paul passed away on the 11th January 2011 after a long illness.

Donald Campbell
Speed 320mph
Length 11.2mtrs
Width 2.02mtrs
Weight 150 kilos