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Lewis H. Norris, C.Eng., AMIMech.E.

Born in 1924, Lewis (Lew) Norris completed his early education at Lewes Grammar School from where he joined Harland & Wolf ship buildersas an apprentice, and studied to become a marine engineer. During World War ll he worked in the shipyards of the North East, manufacturing Landing Craft for the invasion. Post war he went to the Far East to work for Burma Oil, but had to leave in a hurry when the communists moved in. Returning to England, he was asked by a relative to design some woodworking machinery for Kine Engineering of Horley, Surrey. Sir Malcolm Campbell had left his shareholding in the company to his son Donald, who, at that time was looking to up-rate his late fathers boat “Bluebird K5”, by installing a more powerful piston engine and power train with a “prop rider” configuration, to compete for the Harmsworth Trophy. It was soon realized that propeller driven boat could not reach the required speeds, so Donald decided that the World Speed Record should be attacked with a jet-propelled craft. With Ken and Lew’s experience, they were the obvious people to turn to, so Norris Brothers Ltd., was appointed as designers. Whilst Ken became the lead figure on the “Bluebird” scene, Lew took the lead in other areas of business, a vital task which kept money making projects going so that the company could survive. He was particularly responsible for the Worcester Valve Co., Norco Engineering, and Bluebird Wrapping Machines, all of which produce innovative products.

Donald Campbell
Speed 320mph
Length 11.2mtrs
Width 2.02mtrs
Weight 150 kilos